Android Sync Manager WiFi 2.2

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Manage the content of your Android device from your computer.

If you want to manage, organize and backup the content stored on your Android smartphone, regardless of model or brand, it is best to use Android Sync Manager WiFi.

As you will have no doubt already worked out, Android Sync Manager is a computer suite for Android, able to manage and synchronize your computer with all the existing content on your smartphone. The most characteristic feature at first glance about this computer suite is that it's compatible with all models and brands of Android devices. In this way, you can use a single tool to manage the content of your smartphone, whether it's a Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and so on.

Android Sync Manager WiFi serves as a comprehensive solution for taking the content administration of your mobile phone to a higher level. With this amazing tool you can make backup copies of your address book or list of contacts, text messages sent and received, plus you can send your own SMS directly from your computer, which makes it much more comfortable. In addition, you can import all existing multimedia content on your phone to your computer, play, backup, organize by folders and so on.

As you can see, Android Sync Manager WiFi offers all the advantages when synchronizing and managing the content on your Android with your computer. And to make it even easier to manage the program is available in twenty different languages, including English and Spanish, and has a simple and intuitive graphical interface. What are you waiting for to download Android Sync Manager WiFi? It's free.


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